Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cover Me

Here's the previous drawing inked... but with a repositioned robot arm. This is the proposed cover for the first issue of Kill All Monsters!. It will be included in the submission pitch that will be going out to select publishers!
My good friend, Alex Shiekman, asked this question in the comments section of the previous post :


Looks great! Is this a stage from which you can ink or do you have to do some more rendering before inking?

I did indeed ink from this stage of drawing. After I changed the left arm of the robot in the original drawing, I went straight into inking mode. About 90% of the inking was done with a pen (using a Hunt Globe Bowl Pointed 513 EF nib, for you artists out there). The other 10% of the drawing was done with a brush (Winsor and Newton series 7 #2), mostly to beef up some of the line weights and for the fur/hair on the monster's neck and back. The dry brush for the background was done with a bamboo brush.
With the commencement of Kill All Monsters!, I've been trying to make the inking process more spontaneous and fun. This has lead me to leave the pencil drawings I ink from a little more "loose", much different than the way I've always worked. It can be a bit of a drag when the drawing is not working, but overall, I've had a lot of fun inking Kill All Monsters!.

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