Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life In The Fast Lane

I'm back from the San Diego Comic Con, tired but ready to get back to work on some pages.

The trip was pretty good. I met some great artists and writers and even got to do some signing (see image to the left) for people who bought the freshly printed anthology, POSTCARDS. I signed so many books that I was getting good at doing the little drawing of myself. Many thanks to Jason Rodriguez for giving me the chance to experience life in the fast lane!

I didn't do any pitching at the show. KILL ALL MONSTERS! is in the process of getting the first 5 pages coloured and as much as I like my black and white pages, it's going to be the colour pages that sell this book to a publisher. So it just didn't seem like the right timing for me to show it around to publishers. I did show the whole uncoloured book to a few artist friends who seemed to like what they saw.

I bought tons of comics. I drank tons of Stone's Smoked Porter. I met Frank Miller and got to tell him that "Ronin" was the book that made me want to draw comics. But, best of all, I saw some old friends and made some new ones.

Special thanks goes out to writer, editor and SDCC roommate, James Powell, who helped make what could have been a stressful 4 day event into a rewarding and fun filled social extravaganza. Even if he was constantly pointing out that I say "eh?" after every 4th sentence. Oh, well. At least I didn't say "hoser", eh?

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