Friday, December 05, 2008

Speaking In Tongues

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I was hoping to have the trade dressed final Perhapanauts cover image for you today, but Todd has been so swamped with stuff that he hasn't been able to send one my way. That's cool. I've got something else to share with you good people!

The above image is a sketch I did in a convention sketchbook for Robotika creator and friend, Alex Sheikman. It's a drawing of Cherokee Geisha (CG), one of Alex's Robotika characters. I'm a huge fan of his book and thought I'd do a drawing concerning the "controversy" over the way CG's word balloons were drawn (in a vertical manner). I thought it was a brilliant way to convey the difficulty people have understanding others who speak with an accent. The reading public? Not so enthusiastic. So in the second Robotika series, Alex "corrected" how she spoke and all was well again in the comic blogosphere. Sigh.

"For A Few Rubles More", the second Robotika mini series will be starting to come out again very soon. Make sure to try and track it down. It's good stuff!

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