Monday, September 19, 2005

My Pile of Comics

I love comics.

Yeah, I know, not a huge revelation. But it needed to be said. Every week I make my traditional trek down to my Local Comic Shop. Of all the titles that I buy, few of them are monthly titles. Walking Dead, Captain America, Ex Machina, Young Avengers, Strangers in Paradise and Firestorm are what make the cut. Most of these titles I read in 3-4 issue chunks. You see, every Wednesday I come home and place my newly acquired treasures on "THE PILE". I'll do this until the structure of "THE PILE" becomes a hazard to their Near Mint condition. Once that critical mass of sequential goodness has been reached, I sort them into their proper individual runs and dig in. It was time for that sorting phase, let me tell you.

Sometimes during the sorting, I come across a comic that I forgot I bought. Like tonight. I dug up the DC/Humanoids book OLYMPUS. Written by Geoff Johns & Kris Grimminger, Artwork by Butch Guice and Color by Dan Brown.

Now, I'm a sucker for Greek Mythology stories ( It dates back to my Grade 7 oral presentation I gave about Herakles (Hercules) and his 12 Labors) and I like Guice's work (One of my favorite non-Simonson Thor issues (#356) was the one where Guice penciled a fill-in about who was stronger, Thor or Hercules.) so this was a pretty easy sell. I was happy to discover that I LOVED this book! The story was great but it was the art that stole the show. Guice has taken his skills to a whole new level. He also inked it, so maybe that's why it really sang.

Anyway, OLYMPUS delivered big time and I would heartily recommend getting it while you can...... who knows what will happen to the Humanoid catalogue when it breaks from DC.


Blogger Michael May said...

OLYMPUS has been on my Graphic Novels To Read List since it came out. Glad to hear that it'll be worth the wait.

September 20, 2005 10:50 AM  
Blogger eDuke said...

Dude, I can relate to 'THE PILE', although my pile gets so out of hand, I end up boxing them a month later. This doesn't help me find anything when I'm in the mood to read though. :D

September 24, 2005 7:53 AM  

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