Saturday, July 15, 2006

Radio Ga Ga

Wow. Who would have thought I'd ever be interviewed for Fanboy Radio?!! Not me, that's for sure. Scott Hinze, of FBR, was gracious enough to point his microphone in the direction of A. David Lewis and myself..... wait.... I didn't mean it like that.....

Anyways, with the imminent release of EMPTY CHAMBER #1, the good people at Fanboy Radio gave us an opportunity to talk about the book and the creative processes that went into it. It was a fun time! A. Dave did most of the talking (surprise surprise (I kid)) but I think I managed to say a few interesting things, too. I even got to plug the new project I'm working on, Robots vs Monsters (working title). Now I just got to make sure I get the pages done in time for pitching it at the San Diego Comic Convention!

Scott mentioned that it should go live next week. I'll definitely post the time and day here, as soon as I know.


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