Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Achilles' Last Stand

I've been doing tons of character sketches and designs for a couple of projects that are currently undergoing some script tweaks. Most of them I'm going to keep out of the public spotlight, for now. But, I'm willing to share one or two... from time to time.

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This one is a character from a "new" project called, Braids of the Gorgon. Actually, this book has been in the making for many years, about 8 years to be more accurate. Writer Ken Faggio and I started working on Braids way back in 2000 and we managed to get 2 full issues done before it was put on hold. Truthfully, it was all my fault that it got "put on hold". I was offered a short story in A. David Lewis's Mortal Coils book. That then turned into another which then turned into 5 years of continuous projects with various writers, all of which kept me from being able to go back to Braids. The project was never far from my thoughts, though.

Recently, when I found I had a gap in my schedule, I went about contacting Ken and seeing if he was still game to work on Braids. Luckily, he was! We called in editor James Powell and we're in the process of knocking off the rust and getting Braids up and going. So, while Ken and James do their magic, I'm sharping up my Greek Mythology art game.

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