Friday, March 06, 2009

Unfinished Sweet

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I've begun to work on some portfolio pages to show around when I'm down at the Emerald City Comic Con in April. These drawings are me working out a few panels for one of the pages. Normally, I would consider these my finished "pencils", meaning I would ink from these, but I think I'll have to tighten them up more for the sake of showing them to editors. Or should I? I'm planning on inking the portfolio pages, too. Maybe I should be showing editors exactly how I work, even if it is from pencils as loose as these? I'm new to this showing a portfolio around thing so any thoughts from people would be helpful.

Here's a quick sketch of Eury, from Braids of the Gorgon. It seems that even when I'm done drawing a project (for now), I still end up drawing characters from it when I should be drawing other things.

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