Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tell Me Why

I'm going to take this moment and draw your attention to The House Always Wins, a webcomic that needs your support. Let me tell you a little about why.

Zuda is a webcomic site that gives the readers editorial weight. Readers (ie you and me) get to vote on what comic should be given a contract to finish out the story. See, every month, a team of creators develop a comic, produce its first 8 pages and post them in a direct competition with 9 other comic teams' creations. Then, we the people can vote all that month to see which comic is worthy to continue for the duration of the year. The "losers" will not receive a contract from Zuda to finish their comic. Sadly, this power we have can be miss used. Sadly, the competition doesn't really come down to who has the best comic, it comes down to who has the biggest social network.

So, on that note, I'm thrilled to lend whatever support I can to get a very cool comic (ie The House Always Wins). THAW is the best drawn (artist John Bivens, draws wicked cool stuff) and most interesting comic of the 10 that are in this month's competition. Please, if you can, take the time to go over, read the comic, vote.

Here's how!
1) Go to

2) Either sign in, or make a new account at

2a) If you’re signing up, just fill out all the required (red asterisk) fields.

3) Go back to once you have an account, and sign in.

4) Go to:

5) Click the button marked “Favorite” on the sidebar.

6) Click Five Stars on the “Rate this Comic” section, also on the sidebar.

7)Finally, click the big “Vote!” button; again, right column. That, Favorites, and the Rating all count towards our winning the contest.

8) Feel free to leave a comment as well. I don’t know if it counts for anything, we just like hearing from folks.

Thanks, folks!

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