Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Power Cosmic 2000, Part 1

My C2E2 trip to Chicago was over a week ago and I'm still trying to get a post up about the show. Sad, eh?

The short of it is the con went well for me. I got to meet new people, visit with people I knew already, buy cheap comic trades and get some invaluable reviews of my Marvel sample.

The long of it...? Well, it goes a little something like this...

Thursday afternoon, I flew into O'Hare without any problems... other than trying to figure out how to get downtown to my hotel without it costing $28+. I was already on the hook for $25 cab rides to and from my house to the Vancouver airport so paying more for cab rides was not the option I was looking for. Along came the Chicago Transit Authority and their Blue Line train. $2.25 to go downtown. Sold! Just make sure you have exact change, though.

The train ride was pretty cool. I got to see different parts of South Chicago from the safety of a moving train. The stations were kinda dodgy and I felt like I was being cased as an easy victim (middle class white dude with suitcase looking for maps trying to figure out where to go) but I managed to find my hotel without incident.

It was on the walk to the hotel I wished I had a camera. This was surprising as I've never had that urge when in other US cities. Maybe it's because the city is so old, unlike the western coast cities I usually go to...? Anyway, the architecture and the city planning were very cool to look at. Very inspiring to a guy that likes to draw stuff like that.

I was to meet Michael May, Grant Gould and Uko Smith in the hotel lobby around 4PM. It was 3:45PM when I got there so asked the clerk to tell them I was in the hotel diner/bar having a drink. Time passed slowly as I waiting for their arrival. I ordered some food and another drink, all the while Top Gun was playing on the TV overhead. I broke out the brush pens and paper and did a few drawings (see the 2 images in this post and the image from the previous post):

It was around 6PM that Michael and Grant got to the hotel. We went up to the room to wait for Uko. He arrived shortly after that and we headed out for dinner to a pizza place just around the corner from the hotel. It was my first real Chicago deep dish pizza. It was... fine. 'Nuff Said. Early night to bed as I was exhausted from having no sleep the night before. I was literally working on my Marvel sample pages 15 minutes before calling for my cab to the airport at 4AM. Anyways...

Friday morning, Michael and I arrived at the con around noon, as we didn't have to be there early to set up a table like Uko and Grant. I like the feeling of not having to set up, actually. I get to come and go whenever I like. It was cool of Grant let us use his table as home base, though. Carrying all my stuff around the con is a drag, so having a place to drop it off at is very cool. A tip o'my hat to you, Mr Gould!

It was time to hit the con floor!

Check out the next installment, tomorrow !

Me and Brent Schoonover chatting about... tune in tomorrow to find out!

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