Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Star Of Bethlehem


Only one more day of work until my Christmas holidays kick into full gear!
It's Stewart's first Christmas, so Jackie and I are really looking forward to sharing it with him (although, we're going to play it pretty mellow for the boy, as he is only 5 months old). He's not going to know what's going on but it will be special all the same.

This year, Santa will only be dropping by to leave gifts for Stewie. Jackie and I already got our present.

On a less sappy note, my Atlanta Thrashers may have managed to turn their frown upsidedown..... Kari Lehtonen practised with the team on Monday and may be ready to start as early as Dec 26! It would be his first game back since injuring his groin in Atlanta's openning night contest on October 5! I just hope that they aren't rushing him back before he is fully healed. That may have sounded like sarcasm( and, being from me, it would be expected) but I'm saying it with all sincerity.

Last post's title was a song title from:
Foxtrot by Genesis

Supper's Ready was the 22:58 minute song that took up the second side of Foxtrot. Ah.... the good'ol Prog Rock days.....


Blogger The Mad Alaskan said...

Enjoy that that special Xmas, man! I still hope I get to do that someday, share a first Christmas with a little Kel or Kellerina of my own.

You're blessed!

December 21, 2005 4:03 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

First Christmases must rock - as more and more of my friends have kids it becomes apparent that the first Christmas is like teh first major pay-off. Moreso than the first words and first steps and all that other goofy stuff.

December 22, 2005 11:37 AM  
Blogger Jason Copland said...

Kel - Thanks, man! Yeah, we are indeed blessed.

I hope your Christmas is a safe and joyous event!

Jason - The only thing that will surpass a first Christmas is Stew's first word being "DaDa"! :)

I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas! (I'm looking forward to your new column, btw!)

December 23, 2005 12:43 AM  

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