Monday, September 26, 2005

2 steps forward.....

And 1 step back.

My scanner died on me last night. Right in the middle of scanning a page of Empty Chamber the power cord gave out the back. "No biggie," I thought to myself, " I'll just put it back in and reboot." Apparently, my scanner had other thoughts. I plugged it back in and rebooted. The light on the scanner never game back on. Forever lightless. Dead. It had died right there, right in front of my own 2 eyes.

"Oh, HP Scanjet 4400c, we hardly knew ye!" I cried to the heavens.

Screw it. I wanted a large format scanner, anyway. So I'm putting in for one! A bright and shiny new Mustek ScanExpress A3! Now, I'll be able to scan a whole comic page in one go. No more piecing 2 scans together like a barbarian!

The first of 2 steps forward......?

(I was going to add a picture of the Mustek ScanExpress A3 to this blog entry but it seems Blogger won't let me......)


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