Thursday, May 18, 2006

Twice As Hard

Here's part II of what I'm getting from this month's Preview catalogue. This stuff is the mainstream stuff (read as Marvel and DC), with a few excellent items from smaller publishers in there for good measure. I'm finally getting around to picking up the HARD BOILED trade. Written by Frank Miller with art by Geoff Darrow! Anyways, here's the list and a reason or two why I'm getting them:

ELRIC: MAKING OF A SORCERER #4 - Walt Simonson is a master of dynamic comic art. His work is always a treat for the eyes.

AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS #44 - The new direction of this book is fine but it's the art of Butch Guice that really steals the show.

AMERICAN VIRGIN #5 - It's had a good first few issues so I'll continue to follow. Not the glowing endorsement you were expecting, eh?

DAREDEVIL #87 - This monthly comic is the best superhero thing coming out. The writing of Ed Brubaker is excellent and the art of Michael Lark is Fan-tab-u-tas-tic!! If you aren't reading this book...... well... you should be.

EXTERMINATORS #7 - This book has gotten stronger and stronger as the issues come out. Tony Moore is drawing all kinds of gross stuff. Gross but good!

CAPTAIN AMERICA #20 - Another Brubaker book that kicks all kinds of buttock!

HARD BOILED TP - Miller and Darrow are 2 different tastes that go great together! This has been out for years but I just decided to lay down some hard earned money for it.

MODERN MASTERS VOL 8: WALT SIMONSON SC - I'm all about the Walt Simonson books. This looks to be very entertaining.

SPARROW HC - Ashley Wood. Say no more.

BERNET HC - I'm pretty much unfamiliar with Jordi Bernet's work, but this book comes highly recommended. It's a 240 page hardcover at a very reasonable price.

Last post's title was a song title from:
Dream of the Blue Turtles by Sting

This was Sting's first solo album following the demise of The Police. I really like this record and it totally reminds me of the first time I decided to start drawing comics! Listening to this as I read Frank Miller's Ronin...... good times, good times.....


Blogger YildirayCinar said...

Hard Boiled rocks!and I'm really wondering what that Bernet HC looks like because I love his work.I think I have to check it out...

May 24, 2006 5:20 AM  

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