Saturday, December 31, 2005

All I Want

I've just put in my Discount Comic Book Service order. They've updated their site with the new Previews catalogue. Here's what I'm spending my hard earned moo-la on.... and why:

COLOSSUS GN - I bought this when it originally came out in 2000 through Scott Morse's Crazyfish/MJ-12. Now, it's getting the "redux" treatment with new pages and whatnot. Sold!

BATMAN YEAR ONE HUNDRED #2 - Paul Pope on a Batman book. Sold!

DAREDEVIL #83 - Writer Ed Brubaker Penciled by Michael Lark Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards. I've become a fan of Brubaker's so I'm giving this a go. Lark and Edwards are the icing on top.

EXTERMINATORS #3 - Tony Moore draws nice stuff.

FEAR AGENT #6 - See above reason.

GODLAND #9 - I seriously LOVE this book. I thought the Kirby "homage" art of Scioli would bug me..... but it doesn't. I go as far to say that I like it. It works. And Casey is making it a very fun(ny) read.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #16 - Written by Ed Brubaker. There's that name again......

AMERICAN VIRGIN #1 - The Frank Quitely cover is very intriguing(image to the right). The interior art is by Becky Cloonan, who I've seen do some nice work. It's the writer that may be the weak link here. I'm not a fan of Steven T. Seagle, but I'll give it a try.......

POPBOT #7 - Ashley Wood draws great stuff.

THOR: BLOOD OATH TP - I was looking through some back issues of this at my LCS and was impressed with the art work of Scott Kolins. I didn't grab it then because they were missing some issues. I opted to wait for the trade.

AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS #40 - I'll go on record as saying I've NEVER bought an issue of Aquaman. Never. So chalk this sale up to the new direction and the addition of Kurt Busiek and Butch Guice.

YOUNG BLUEBERRY: YANKEE NAMED BLUEBERRY SC - Moebius does the art for this "Warehouse Find". That's all I need to know.

I'd like to add...... *DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #28* - This is a book that I have a subscription through the Digital Webbing site.

Last post's title was a song title from:
Automatic for the People by REM

A song about comedian Andy Kaufman and his strange antics. The song was also the title track for a movie with the same name and subject, starring Jim Carrey as Kaufman.


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