Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hot In The City

I've been spending time on Facebook, rediscovering people from my past and catching up on life and whatnot. Sometimes people post pictures. Here's a taste of what life was like for me circa 1988.

What you are gazing upon is a picture of CHP, the Rock 'n Roll band I drummed for. That's me on the far right.... Damn I was hot!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Warm Wet Circles

I've begun figuring out how I want to draw my next project. It's an autobiographical short story, entitled "Whatever It Takes", which takes place during Christmas circa 1989. Here are some sketches that are basically just me working on how I want to draw this story. These drawings are all without any underdrawing... just me, a drawing instrument (a pen or brush) and a jar of ink.

This post's title comes from the Marillion album "Clutching At Straws".
"Clutching" was the last record that featured Fish as the lead vocalist. It was a fitting send off.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Drawing Flies

Just starting to do some more drawing now. I was inking for what seemed like an eternity but it's time to shift artistic gears and grab hold of my pencil and eraser! Here's a quick something I did to start getting my brain in penciling mode.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hello Again

It looks like the interview A. David and I took part in, for the second issue of Empty Chamber, has finally hit the Newsarama site!
It starts:

Debuting with #1 in October of last year, Empty Chamber is an espionage series by writer A. David Lewis and artist Jason Copland, published by independent publisher Silent Devil.

Just to refresh – the solicitation for issue #1 read:

Boston is quiet, the University is deserted, and Matt, alone for the winter, is a nobody. But he quickly becomes the government's most wanted, a beautiful mercenary's top priority, and a renegade general's prime target when the knowledge he possesses might thwart American genocide.

Issue #2 hits in a couple of weeks, and we had a chance to chat for a bit with the two creators to get the skinny on how this story came to life and more.....

Read more here

I know all 4 of you reading this are going to run right over there and leave a glowing remark about how great I am...... right?

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